Webmasters, welcome to AZNude!

We know how much webmasters love to embed our videos and use them on their websites, and we have spared you the hasstle of scrapping AZNude in order to retrieve them. In this page, we're going to provide you tools that will allow you to embed our videos on your website easily and without any difficulties. Feel free to embed as much videos you as you can since there are no limits on the number of videos you can embed.

Our Data

We're providing a .csv file with all our videos. Currently, there are 50,000 videos in our .csv file. You can download our .csv file by clicking on this link here. The file is every updated every couple of days. You can find the date of the file inside the URL. You will find in the CSV file: Title, 5 Thumbnails, Duration (In seconds), Embed Codes and direct MP4 URL.

Can I hotlink your MP4 files?

If you feel like you want to use your own player, and use our MP4 files, nothing prevents that. However, there is no guarantee that our MP4 urls won't change. Furthermore, it is better to embed our videos since the URL won't change. Our player is also optimized to load on slow internet connections since it uses WEBP video format as well as allows the user to pick between three video formats: HD, HQ and LQ.

What abou your images?

We currently do not provide any data for our images. If need be, please contact us with your request and we'll take a look into it

Other questions!

Please contact us here.